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iPhone Carpet Stain App

Carpet stain information you can carry around with you? Yes! Real-time solutions for nearly 1000 stains!

Shaw Floors recently created an innovative iPhone application—the Carpet Stain Center—that allows round-the-clock availability of clear, concise carpet stain removal procedures for most common household stains. The Carpet Stain Center app is a free download from the iPhone app store and is compatible with iPhone and the new iPad.

Providing easily accessible, step-by-step cleaning instructions, the Carpet Stain Center app offers real-time solutions for almost 1000 stains. You’ll be able to handle life’s messes as they happen—from leaking “sippy cups” full of orange juice to disastrous food fights.

And if you’d like to watch a monster food fiasco, visit and search Anso Pie Fight.

In January, Shaw achieved the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS designation for the world’s Largest Pie Fight. The spectacle involved 434 participants and 1,200 cherry, chocolate and apple pies. The company held the pie fight on its premium Anso nylon carpet, demonstrating Anso nylon’s superior ability to repel stains and to be easily cleaned. Following the world-record event, Shaw cleaned approximately 3,000 pounds of pie from the carpet.

Check it out … then download the Carpet Stain Center app, and be prepared for your next food fight!